5 simple reasons you need a Life Coach

1. You just had a positive major life event. You landed your dream job, bought a house or got married and you want to keep the goodness flowing. We’ll build on the success you’re having and focus on those equally awesome things on your horizon to elevate your frequency even higher.

2. You got laid off, divorced or experienced a similar traumatic event. I sought out my life coach when I was struggling to overcome my divorce and wanted to uncover my real potential which was no longer being fulfilled by the career I'd seen tremendous success in for 11 years. Coaching helps us define an actionable path to make the changes we need to live our fullest life. 

3. You know you’re capable of more or you’ve always dreampt of doing more. But your life is comfortable and you don’t feel you can make a change without rocking the boat. You are afraid of being judged by those around you for following your dreams when it seems that everyone thinks you should be content with what you already have. We will overcome these perceptions and work to understand that others act and speak from their own insecurities.

4. You want to do more but are limited by stale beliefs that you can’t or simply aren’t capable of living life to its fullest. Do you believe being happy is right for everyone except you? Maybe it’s family expectations you’ve tried to meet your whole life that don’t reflect who you are anyway. Or a spouse/significant other that doesn’t support your dreams. We can explore these challenges and build a plan to get you where you want to be. Remember, this is YOUR one and only life. How do you want to live it?

5. You’re scared of the unknown. You know you want to take the leap but all of the “what if’s” are drowning out the excitement. You’re questioning yourself and need help busting through those emotional barriers to expose your true potential.