INTRODUCTORY pricing thru September 2016


Do you need help getting your home or office de-cluttered and working efficiently for you? Whether you just need some motivation and a little help or you want to leave the whole project to the experts, we can help! We specialize in home organizing projects big and small.


Small jobs – 4 hours - $300

Large jobs – 8 hours - $540 (10% discount from list price)


Consultations are required and always free of charge. At the consultation we’ll talk about your goals and develop a plan to meet them. Pricing is generally done on a per-project basis at an average cost of $75 per hour. I do require a 4-hour investment after the initial consultation since most projects do require at least this much time to complete.


In general, you can expect various rooms in the house to take the following amount of time, depending on size and scope of the space:

Closet – 1 hour

Bedroom – 2 hours

Kitchen – 2 to 4 hours

Living areas – 2 to 4 hours

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