Package Details

Life Coaching


When you're ready to identify what's holding you back and start working towards you're best life.

  • LIMITED TIME Motivation Sessions:

    • Get some motivation and inspiration STAT. Choose between a single hour-long phone conversation or a week of email support -  for a limited time get either option for just $25!         ($25 value!) 

  • Commitment Package:

    • We connect an hour weekly for 3 months, 12 sessions - $500 ($100 value)

  • Game-Changer:

    • We connect an hour weekly for 6 months, 24 sessions - $1,000 ($200 value)  



Clutter sucks attention and energy away from what's really important. Ready to clear the clutter? This is for you!

  • Single Session:

    • I'll give you some pointers and a strategy to get to work on your own - $50

  • Room by Room:

    • We purge and organize one or several rooms in your home. Pricing varies based on the scope of the work. 

  • Whole House:

    • We put together a strategy for identifying and solving the individual needs of your whole space. Pricing varies with scope.   



Our most popular package. We combine organization and life coaching sessions for real, lasting results. 

  • Three Month Package: 

    • Room by Room organization for two rooms plus three months of life coaching - $1,000 

  • Six month package:

    • Whole House organization plus six months of life coaching - $2,000

  • Annual package:

    • Whole House organization plus twelve months of life coaching $3,500 ($500 value)